Leicester University Chamber Choir

Leicester University Chamber Choir is a group around 35 singers, based at the University of Leicester. We perform regularly in Leicester and further afield, and enjoy exploring a wide variety of choral repertoire, both sacred and secular. Our membership is drawn mainly from the University's student body (both undergraduate and postgraduate), but we also welcome Associate members, often from other local universities, colleges and 6th Forms.

Join the Choir

Leicester University Chamber Choir is made up of student members and associate members.

Most choir members are current students (undergraduate or postgraduate) at the University of Leicester. Entry to the choir is by audition (find out more about the audition process below). The main audition session is held in September/October, and most people audition at the beginning of their first term at the university. However, we welcome auditions from students in any year. A second audition session is held at the start of the Spring term. In some cases we can arrange an individual audition, so please do get in touch even if you think you've missed the audition session.

We also welcome a number of associate members, who are not students of the University of Leicester. Associate members usually attend the same auditions as student members (in Autumn and Spring), but in some cases we may be able to arrange an audition outside of these times. Most associate members are students at other institutions including local 6th forms, further education colleges and De Montfort University, but anyone can audition for associate membership.

University of Leicester student members pay a subscription of £25 per year. Associate members, who are not University of Leicester students, pay £50 per year. Successful January auditionees pay a proportionally discounted membership.

Your subscription includes the loan of all music, a choir folder and pencil, and occasional individual vocal coaching and workshops, as well as the weekly group coaching provided through choir rehearsals.

All members pay a £10 music deposit in case of any lost or damaged music, which is refunded when you leave the choir. Members also need to purchase the choir polo shirt, which is always provided at cost price.

Scholarships and subsidies

We offer one 6th Form choral scholarship each year for an exceptionally talented 6th Form student. 6th Form choral scholars pay no subscription or music deposit, and may qualify for assistance with other costs such as travel to concerts. Additional subsidised vocal coaching may also be arranged.

What happens at audition?

At your audition, we will first investigate your vocal range with some brief vocal exercises. You will then be asked to perform a prepared piece (accompanied or unaccompanied) of your choice, and you will be given a short sight-reading test. A professional piano accompanist is provided. Finally, we will have a brief discussion about your general musical background and interests. Although the standard is high, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and we will make every effort to put you at ease during your audition.

We are now recruiting for our October 2019 intake! Auditions 28th-29th September. All voice parts welcome. Contact uolchamberchoir@gmail.com or 07737760369 for more information

Christmas radio broadcast

Christmas radio broadcast

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